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Total number of facilities: 6
Number of deregistered facilities: 0
Number of processes that could reach off-site: 88
Total pounds of toxic chemicals in processes: 74,238,092
Total pounds of flammable chemicals in processes: 61,442,642
Number of 5-year accidents: 5
Number of deaths from 5-year accidents: 0
Number of injuries from 5-year accidents: 1
Amount of property damage from 5-year accidents: $50,000
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Top 5 cities for numbers of facilities

Waterford, NY1
Morrisville, PA1
Galena, KS1
Midland, MI1
Carrollton, KY1
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Tetramethylsilane [Silane, tetramethyl-]6


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Tetramethylsilane [Silane, tetramethyl-]398,532


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ChemicalTetramethylsilane [Silane, tetramethyl-]