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RMP Facilities in Georgia


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Total number of facilities: 491
Number of deregistered facilities: 219
Number of processes that could reach off-site: 539
Total pounds of toxic chemicals in processes: 259,434,969
Total pounds of flammable chemicals in processes: 69,908,966
Number of 5-year accidents: 45
Number of deaths from 5-year accidents: 0
Number of injuries from 5-year accidents: 48
Amount of property damage from 5-year accidents: $1,609,618
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Top 5 cities for numbers of facilities

Atlanta, GA33
Augusta, GA25
Gainesville, GA16
Dalton, GA10
Columbus, GA10
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Top 10 chemicals for number of facilities Top chemicals help link

Ammonia (anhydrous)188
Ammonia (conc 20% or greater)24
Flammable Mixture21
Sulfur dioxide (anhydrous)17
Hydrogen fluoride/Hydrofluoric acid (conc 50% or greater) [Hydrofluoric acid]14
Formaldehyde (solution)9
Toluene diisocyanate (unspecified isomer) [Benzene, 1,3-diisocyanatomethyl-]8
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Top 5 toxic chemicals for pounds in processes Top toxic chemicals help link

Ammonia (anhydrous)189,885,092
Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric acid) [Sulfuric acid, mixture with sulfur trioxide]28,811,000
Vinyl acetate monomer [Acetic acid ethenyl ester]5,523,600
Acrylonitrile [2-Propenenitrile]4,787,680
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Top 5 flammable chemicals for pounds in processes Top flammable chemicals help link

Flammable Mixture7,695,931
Isobutane [Propane, 2-methyl]1,117,141
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