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RMP Facilities in Virginia


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Total number of facilities: 243
Number of deregistered facilities: 106
Number of processes that could reach off-site: 266
Total pounds of toxic chemicals in processes: 92,040,255
Total pounds of flammable chemicals in processes: 100,148,881
Number of 5-year accidents: 23
Number of deaths from 5-year accidents: 0
Number of injuries from 5-year accidents: 16
Amount of property damage from 5-year accidents: $618,105
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Top 5 cities for numbers of facilities

Richmond, VA13
Hopewell, VA9
Roanoke, VA8
Chesapeake, VA7
Suffolk, VA7
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Top 10 chemicals for number of facilities Top chemicals help link

Ammonia (anhydrous)89
Sulfur dioxide (anhydrous)27
Ammonia (conc 20% or greater)25
Formaldehyde (solution)5
Flammable Mixture4
Hydrochloric acid (conc 37% or greater)3
Acrylonitrile [2-Propenenitrile]3
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Top 5 toxic chemicals for pounds in processes Top toxic chemicals help link

Ammonia (anhydrous)47,082,779
Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric acid) [Sulfuric acid, mixture with sulfur trioxide]28,913,733
Nitric acid (conc 80% or greater)4,472,338
Ammonia (conc 20% or greater)3,155,322
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Top 5 flammable chemicals for pounds in processes Top flammable chemicals help link

Flammable Mixture39,433,810
Ethyl ether [Ethane, 1,1'-oxybis-]2,225,318
Ethyl chloride [Ethane, chloro-]910,000
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