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TRI Facilities in Colorado


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Reporting Year:2015
Total pounds of releases: 27,526,866
Total pounds of waste: 99,693,973
Total number of facilities: 231
Total number of TRI submissions: 776
Total number of TRI Form A submissions: 97
Total RSEI Score: 5,045,831
% of TRI total RSEI score for 2015: 0.99%
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Pie chart: in table form below
 Release mediumPounds of releases
 Land and underground18,353,664
 Other releases5,833,748
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 Waste typePounds of waste
 Burned for energy recovery17,216,024
 Released on or off-site27,919,800
 Other waste28,620
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Top 5 cities for pounds of on-site releases

VICTOR, CO3,633,485
PARSHALL, CO3,329,238
PUEBLO, CO2,193,214
EMPIRE, CO2,055,559
CLIMAX, CO1,929,166
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Top 5 parent companies for pounds of releases Top parent companies help link

XCEL ENERGY4,581,027
CARGILL INC1,307,991
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Top 5 chemicals for pounds of releases

Lead compounds8,324,439
Barium compounds6,733,112
Manganese compounds5,735,287
Nitrate compounds1,776,020
Zinc compounds788,889
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Top 5 chemicals for risk score (RSEI) Top chemicals help link

Ethylene oxide4,821,740
Nickel compounds77,397
Chromium compounds15,525
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Top 5 general industries for pounds of releases Top general industries help link

Metal Mining13,831,548
Electric Utilities7,094,629
Coal Mining1,130,275
Hazardous Waste/Solvent Recovery922,943
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Top 5 specific industries for pounds of releases Top specific industries help link

212299: All Other Metal Ore Mining10,198,062
221112: Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation7,094,629
212221: Gold Ore Mining3,633,485
311611: Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering1,355,288
212111: Bituminous Coal and Lignite Surface Mining1,124,807
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